Jeløy Endurance - Lap race on a 23 km trail

Jeløy Endurance

Feb 4, 2023

D+ 1600m - 5600m

46, 92, 161 KM

100% Nature

ITRA logo The Jeløy Endurance is a GNT600 2025 qualifying race. It is a lap race that follows a 23 km and 800 D+ trail. By completing seven laps of the trail you finish with a distance of 161 km and 5000m D+. There are also two other possibilities with two laps and 1600m D+, and four laps and 3200m D+.

This is a completely unsupported race, on an unmarked trail with orienteering by GPS. There will be an aid station at the start and finish of the race. The cut off time is 36 hours.

Approval of the race by Strava segment (more info will come) and you must join the Strava event where you can get the gpx file too. Join here

There is a medal prize for 46km (2 laps), 92km (4 laps) & 161km (7 laps). N.B. You must reach all the 3 CPs on the route:

  • CP1 BJØRNÅSEN (km 6.6)
  • CP2 RAMBERGÅSEN (km 15.6)
  • CP3 DRAGONFJELLET (km 21.3)

It’s mandatory to carry a backpack with a min. of 5 kg weight, containing all the gear that you need for the race, as well as an additional minimum of 1 litre of water. At the Start/Finish area you’ll be able to refill with your own fuel (both fluid & food) but you won’t be able to drop anything from your backpack.

External help (or support) and littering will lead to disqualification without warning!!!

The countdown is on to the Jeløy Endurance race.

Any questions, please feel welcome to contact us on +47 975 12 808 or ultra[at]

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