Bèrghem Ultra - Our uncompromising endurance races

Bèrghem Ultra 130K

The Bèrghem Ultra is our classic trail running event, offering a variety of trail distances, all with the Hedmark plateau (Hedmarksvidda) as its stunning backdrop. Please see a list of races below each emphasising the seasonal mood of the Hedmark plateau.

ITRA logo The Hedmark plateau is home to some of Norway’s primeval forest, as well as a well-known witch’s mountain. Runners can find a mix of marked trails, and marked/unmarked dirt roads. Its landscape may be synonymous with small mountain peaks, and birch and spruce forest, but its real challenge is the marsh and wetlands which dominate the whole area. Don’t be fooled by its low profile - this terrain is some of the toughest in Norway. ;)

Winter & Spring Races

Summer & Autumn Races