Bèrghem Ultra 130K - Summer 2021

Bèrghem Ultra 130K

August 7, 2021

D+ 3500m

135 KM

100% Nature

UTMB logo The Bèrghem Ultra is our classic trail running event, offering a variety of trail distances, all with the Hedmark plateau (Hedmarksvidda) as its stunning backdrop. It is ITRA-certified and comes with 5 UTMB points (this does not apply to Norges Værste 100 miles).

ITRA logo The Hedmark plateau is home to some of Norway’s primeval forest, as well as a well-known witch’s mountain. Runners can find a mix of marked trails, and marked/unmarked dirt roads. Its landscape may be synonymous with small mountain peaks, and birch and spruce forest, but its real challenge is the marsh and wetlands which dominate the whole area. Don’t be fooled by its low profile - this terrain is some of the toughest in Norway. ;)

The Bèrghem Ultra Trail follows an unmarked trail from Gåsbu (at the bottom of the Gåsbu hill) to Åkersætra using GPS, and is a 100% expedition-style race:

  • 135km
  • 3500 D+
  • 100% self-supported
  • Unmarked trail
  • No drop-bag
  • No support
  • No pacer
  • CP Korperud (after 60km) 14 hours cut-off
  • Åkersætra (finishline) 36 hours cut-off
  • Warm meal at the finish line by Bèrghem.no
  • Max 25 competitors
  • Free accommodation at Åkersætra Leirsted (the finish line ) the day be4 the race

Updated GPX Track

We can guarantee running on 6% dirt road and 94% on paths, mostly on the blue path (local shire path), the rest on the red one (national path) and some on the gold path (hunting path) - the best one!

N.B. It’s possible to book transport from Åkersætra Leirsted on Saturday at 6:00 a.m. (the finish line) to Gåsbu (the start area) for an extra fee of 150 NOK.

NORGES VÆRSTE - 100 Miles Challenge - Run an extra 27 km for free!

In 2021, we’re offering an additional 27 kms to the original trail for no charge. The extra trail follows the mountain area next to the finish line at Åkersætra Leirsted.

  • Click to download the GPX file for the extra 27 km

To participate in the extra 27 km, you’ll need to arrive at the Åkersætra bridge within 30 hours and then start the extra section within five minutes.

It won’t be allowed to drop off any of your gear or to receive any kind of support, but there will be the possibility to refill your water bottles. The total cut-off time will be the same as the BU130 (36 hours from the start at Gåsbu).

While running, each runner will carry a 100 miles finisher medal on the extra 27 kms to remind them of those who have gone before them. As soon as they reach Åkersætra Leirsted (finish line) within the cut-off time, they’ll be awarded with their own 130K medal.

N.B. There’s no turning back once the 100 miles challenge is started. This means no matter how fast you run the first 130K, if you don’t reach the finish line before 36 hours you won’t receive a medal = DNF.

The countdown is on to the next Bèrghem Ultra 130K race. Don’t delay – register now!

Any questions, please feel welcome to contact us on +47 975 12 808 or ultra[at]berghem.no.

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