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Om Bèrghem
Om Bèrghem Fulvio Øksendal at the Oslo Ecotrail 80K 2018 Fulvio and Linda Øksendal are the dynamic driving force (and husband/wife team) behind the Bèrghem Ultraløperklubb based in Hedmark, Norway. They offer unique ultra trail running competitions that combine an … Les mer
Løpene Gaea Norvegica Trail So you've heard about our Gaea Norvegica Trail and would like to try it out? LES MER Gaea Norvegica Trail Bèrghem Ultra Trail The BUT covers a new route every year on the famous Hedmarksvidda. LES … Les mer
Welcome to Bèrghem Ultraløperklubb - the place to get your ultra running and Norwegian nature fix. We specialise in ultra running events with a twist. Ideally for hard core nature fans and adventure lovers, we take ultra running to the … Les mer