Gaea Norvegica Trail 2018 – 400KM

A  B È R G H E M  U L T R A  T R A I L  C O M P E T I T I O N


The Gaea Norvegica Trail (GNT400) is a 400 km expedition style, non-stop Ultra Trail Race for individuals only. There is NO DROP BAG! NO SUPPORT! The race is ITRA-certified.
The trail follows the Oslo Rift (Oslofeltet) geological formation from Grønland/Akerselva in Oslo, to the Hamar city pier. From Oslo to Hamar the trail goes partly through primeval forest and on various marked trails (blue/red), as well as marked and unmarked dirt roads and some asphalt.

Start: Monday the 1st of October, 2018 at 12:00 in Oslo by Akerselva at Grønland

Final cut-off: Saturday the 6th of October, 2018 at 20:00 at Hamar brygge (pier)

28/09 – 31/12: 2500.00 NOK
01/01 – 31/03: 3000.00 NOK
01/04 – 31/07: 3500.00 NOK
01/08 – 01/09: 4000.00 NOK

Eligible for participation are all genders aged from 21 and older, who must meet specific qualification criteria. The number of athletes admitted in GNT 400 is set at 20 (twenty). The fee is payable immediately upon registration, through secure online payment. The Organiser shall not be held responsible for any disputes arising from incomplete entry details. After registration, there will be no fee refund for Participants who do not eventually take part in the
Race for any reasons whatsoever. Fees and registration deadlines are listed on the online registration page.

You must have completed:
– at least 1 multi-day Ultra Trail competition OR a Bèrghem Ultra Trail of at least 100 miles (161 km)
AND be listed on DUV or ITRA or be able to provide documentation of equivalent experience.

Additional qualification criteria:
1. You must have navigation skills using GPS, map and compass.
2. You must have hiking/outdoor life experience as there is/are no drop bag service and no aid stations throughout the Race.
3. You must know how to prepare for and survive in extreme weather conditions. The huts along the trail might be occupied by other runners or hiking tourists.

Monday 1 October at 12:00, by Akerselva at Grønland in Oslo.

Oslo – Eidsvoll 1814, 82 km, 2000 D+
24 hours cut-off time; you must arrive at CP 1 by 12:00 on Tuesday the 2nd of October.

Eidsvoll 1814 – Rokosjøen camping, 91 km, 1700 D+
24 hours cut-off time; you must arrive at CP 2 by 12:00 on Wednesday the 3rd of October.

Rokosjøen camping – Persbu, 67 km, 1600 D+
24 hours cut-off time; you must arrive at CP 3 by 12:00 on Thursday the 4th of October.

Persbu – Hamar brygge (pier), 160 km, 3000 D+
56 hours cut-off time; you must arrive at CP 4 (finish) by 20:00 on Saturday the 6th of October.

CP 1 EIDSVOLL 1814 (82 km)
Km 37 Kiwi grocery store at Tøyenhaugen. NB: 1 km away from the track (if you need to stock at this Kiwi store, your total distance will be 2 km longer than the official Race distance).
This is the only place Participants are allowed to take a detour from the track.
Km 70 Different grocery stores and fast food at the village Maura. A pharmacy next to Kiwi.

CP 2 ROKOSJØEN (91 km)
Km 7 Different grocery stores in Eidsvoll town center (also called Sundet)
Km 25 DNT Finnsbråten. No-service cabin. DNT key. Gas cooker.
Km 37 DNT Gammelsaga. No-service cabin. DNT key. Gas cooker.
Km 54 DNT Fløtdamkoia. No-service cabin. DNT key. Gas cooker.
Km 71 DNT Tingstadkoia. No-service cabin. DNT Key. Gas cooker.

CP 3 PERSBU (67 km)
Km 7 DNT Svartskogkoia. No-service cabin. DNT Key. Gas cooker.
Km 35 DNT Målia. Self-service cabin. DNT key. Gas cooker. TOTAL DISTANCE = 212 KM
Km 43 Viewing tower on top of Gitvola (Gjetholen). Private no-service cabin. Unlocked.
Km 51 DNT Sandfløten. No-service cabin. DNT key.
Km 53 Drinking water from the river Lavåa, nature reserve.
Km 67 Persbu. Private cabin. NB: The Organiser has booked the whole cabin and will be present from Wednesday evening. Persbu is therefore open to all Participants. TOTAL DISTANCE = 244 KM

CP 4 HAMAR BRYGGE (160 km)
Km 28 Birkebeinerkilden water source.
Km 38 DNT Sandfløten. No-service cabin. DNT key.
Km 47 DNT Snippkoia. No-service cabin. DNT key.
Km 81 DNT Målia. Self-service cabin. DNT key. TOTAL DISTANCE = 320 KM
Km 97 Brannvakthytta at Brumundkampen. Private No-service cabin. Unlocked shelter.
Km 98 Water source.
Km 107 Blåmyrkoia. Private no-service cabin. Unlocked.
Km 121 DNT Stenfjellhytta. Cafeteria with seasonal opening. No beds! TOTAL DISTANCE = 360 KM
Km 129 The Gåsbu area. Water tap on the wall of the house next to the roadblocks.
Km 150 Different grocery stores, fast food, pharmacy at Olrud shopping center. TOTAL DISTANCE = 389 KM

Read this information to know what level of service the DNT cabins offer: (Norwegian:

Read carefully the information about each cottage, with regard to heating/drying, cooking, water refills and accommodation.

How to get the DNT key:

  1. HANDHELD GPS with spare batteries, with a TOPO MAP of Norway and all the competition GPX files installed! NB: Wristwatches and smartphones are neither permissible, nor reliable enough!
  2. Head torch with spare batteries
  3. Minimum 1.5 liters water carrying capacity and enough food for at least 48 hours.
  4. Mobile phone, fully charged, with the Race Management’s phone number saved to your contact list: Tel. +4797512808. NB: To be used for the most urgent communication with the Organiser only
  5. Money: At least 500 NOK in cash plus a credit card (Visa or MasterCard)
  6. Sleeping bag, lightweight tent or bivvy bag/bivouac sack
  7. Waterproof matches and/or lighter
  8. Survival blanket/foil
  9. Emergency whistle
  10. GPS tracker unit provided by the Organiser Bèrghem Ultraløperklubb / RaceTracker. NB: The tracker unit must be returned to the Organiser immediately upon finish
  11. First aid kit
  12. Reflex vest
  13. Appropriate layering & footwear for trail running
  14. Waterproof jacket & trousers
  15. Base layer top & bottoms
  16. Spare socks (minimum 1 pair)
  17. Gloves
  18. Cap and/or buff

There will be a mandatory gear check at check in. Any items listed on the mandatory gear list may be checked for during the Race. Lack of one or more of the mandatory items may lead to disqualification.

  1. Compass
  2. A printed map of the route by downloading our GPX files and combine them with a detailed map service (for instance or similar)
  3. The DNT Cabin Key
  4. Backpacking water filter/treatment system. It’s plenty of natural water on the trail but you must be careful where you re-fill, and it’s at your own risk.
  5. Backpacking stove with fuel
  6. Pre-cooked and dehydrated meals

Participants who complete within the time frame get:

The GNT 400 belt buckle
The GNT 400 coffee mug

Honor and glory!

The overall winner of the competition (regardless of gender) is also rewarded with:

A free pass* for Bèrghem Ultra Trail in August 2019.
*The free pass is for personal use only; Conversion, transfer or resale is not allowed.