Den Gule Merket Ultra

Den gule merket ultra

06 JUN 2020, 10:00

1 loop: D+ 255m

1 loop: 11.45 KM

100% Natur

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2020/06/06 10:00:00

Summer 2020: Den Gule Merket Ultra

A self-supported race using GPS orientering without time tracking. Start and finish at Bringbusætra. Race clockwise and anti-clockwise in mystical forest on fantastic easy-going trails from Bringbusætra over Raudsfjellet.

1 loop is 11.45 km and 255 D+ = 4 loops is 45.8 km and around 1000 D+.

The race organiser will decide and inform all of the runners before they start a loop of the direction they have to run in.

Every runner has to wait until all of the runners have completed the current loop before starting the next loop. The race will continue for as long as there are at least two runners competing. If one of the two drops out then the last man standing will have to run one more loop alone.

Any questions, please feel welcome to contact us.