About Bèrghem - Fulvio and Linda Øksendal

Fulvio Øksendal at the Oslo Ecotrail 80K 2018

Linda Øksendal at the Stenfjellet Endurance 2017

Fulvio and Linda Øksendal are the dynamic driving force (and husband/wife team) behind the Bèrghem Ultraløperklubb based in Hedmark, Norway. They offer unique ultra trail running competitions that combine an inherent respect for nature, a desire to experience the extraordinary beauty of Norway, a natural need to challenge and test one’s personal limits, and a love of simple and delicious home-made mountain food. Anyone can participate in a Bèrghem Ultra race, but keep in mind the club’s motto: ‘It’s not supposed to be easy’.

Why Bèrghem.no?

Bèrghem logo The Vikings were great navigators, seafarers and explorers. They left their mark on the local craft, language, place names, food and drink of the Lombardy region of Italy. Bèrghem is the dialect name of Bergamo in northern Italy; its original name is Bergheim. The old town is positioned on top of a cliff with a majestic view of the European alps.

Fulvio Øksendal, the founder of the Bèrghem Ultra club grew up in Lombardy, Italy and his wife in Eastern Norway. They share common interests in all things Viking, from Viking traditions to history.

Why Bèrghem Ultra Trail?

Bèrghem logo Fulvio and Linda’s intentions and plans for the Bèrghem Ultra Runners Club are clear – no fluff, no fanfare, no reinventing the wheel. They simply want to offer unique personalised events. Events to be remembered for their sheer raw energy, beauty and simplicity, as well as for their joy or their pain, or a good combination of both. Events that will inspire runners to keep coming back for their next wilderness fix.

The club’s origins

Bèrghem logo Ultimately, Bèrghem Ultra Trail combines two of club leader’s Fulvio’s passions: food and running. The original idea behind the club was to combine mountain food – meals best enjoyed after a long run – with outdoor adventures and environmentally-sound activities.

Why the slogan ‘It’s not supposed to be easy’?

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Any questions, please feel welcome to contact us on +47 975 12 808 or ultra[at]berghem.no.