Bèrghem team result at Oslo Trail Challenge 2020

By Marco - Published 08-10-2020

Oslo Trail Challenge - an amazing race!!! Self-supported (on my GPS: 215km and more than 8000m d+ in 49h06’). First of all I want to thank all the volunteers that spent 3 days in the mountains to help us in this incredible adventure.

Last year I stopped at 100k… but this year is another story: DNF was not an option! The first 40/50km went along very easy, running and chatting with the other 13 runners, with not that much gap between each other.

The weather was with us, we just had a little rain here and there and a lot of wind on the peaks. Nordmarka trails were waiting for us with their mud, roots, rocks and plenty of swamps 😄 (wet feet the entire race😕).

The race has only 1 rest-station at the turning point (100km), so we had to carry all the food and mandatory equipmment the all race, (my backpack was almost 6kg). To stay hydrated we had to take water from lakes and rivers along the route, water was so fresh and pure 😋.

My legs where doing good, the first 100km till Mylla Dam passed “quickly” (only 20,5 hours) with only 1 longer stop at Kikutstua.

At Mylla dam, thanks to the volounteers, I had some warm food and drinks and slept for 30’, I was really tired. I changed some wet clothes and socks and I left Mylla dam with the idea of taking the second part of the race very easy (maybe too easy😏).

150km into the race the second night began… fatigue was beginning to take its place, and so I sat with my back against a tree and slept for 10’, that was really regenerating!

I felt strength was coming back and I managed to increase my pace in progression for the last 30 km. Crossing the finish line was truly indescribable and all this would not have happened without Mona Einar and all the fantastic volunteers, a heartfelt thanks to everyone.

P.S.: I have never felt so comfortable for the entire duration of a race, but this time I didn’t feel any anxiety about crossing the finish line, the body reacted very well to all external stresses.

The human body is a perfect machine, keep it with care! 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

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