Bèrghem team result at Blefjell 2020

By Fulvio - Published 19-07-2020

Congratulations on a good execution of Blefjell’s Best (57 km and 2000 D+) by Tommy and Marco 😉💪

Marco’s experience:

Today race in an area of Norway I didn’t know, 57 km 2500 m d +, with peaks above 1300 m slm with lots of wind 💨💨💨. Beautiful race, completely on gravel, mud, swamp and rock trails (slippery by rain). Started at 8:12 pm (staggered departures for Covid19), in the second part of the race lots of rain slippery rocks and paths that became swamps (in some stretches it sinked into the ground to the knees), feet wet for 8 hours and 12 minutes (final time). Today we didn’t miss any wind, rain and fog. Ahhhhhhhhhh! I forgot everything naturally in self-sufficiency without refreshments and for the water we supplied ourselves from the streams we passed on the route.

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