Bèrghem Ultra Runners Club, Norway
Bèrghem Ultraløperklubb, Norge

Bèrghem Ultra100 Stenfjellet Endurance

Distance: 100 miles stage race, the lap is 11.5 km
Start: Saturday October 21, 2017 at 10:00
Cut off: Sunday October 22, 2017 at 16:00 (30 hours)

Registration fee: NOK 900

The registration for Bèrghem Ultra100 Stenfjellet Endurance is open! http://events.racetracker.no/stenfjelletendurance2017/

This is a 100 miles stage race (etappeløp) around Stenfjellet, “The Rock Mountain”, at the Hedmark Plateau (Hedmarksvidda).

The lap is 11.5 km (approx. 7.3 miles).
Complete 14 laps within 30 hours to reach 100 miles and level 1 prize
Complete 7 laps within 30h to reach 50 miles⁄level 2 prize
Complete 4 laps within 30h to reach an Ultra Marathon distance⁄level 3 prize

This is a great opportunity to try a real Ultra Trail Race for the first time! You may stop whenever you like but to get approval for an Ultra Marathon distance you must complete at least four laps.

The trail is marked and you don't have to use a GPS.
GPX file: www.strava.com/routes/4621180

All participants will be equipped with a tracking device for monitoring. Every lap will be registered by RaceTracker.no. You must keep the tracking device with you at all times, throughout the race.

There is only one aid staion, placed by the start/finishline at the bottom of the Gåsbu hill. The terrain is 100% tough with stones, marsh, mud and slippery wood.

Facebook: Bèrghem Ultra100 Stenfjellet Endurance

Gaea Norvegica Trail 400KM 2018

Dates: Tuesday-Sunday October 16-21, 2018
One class only: EXPEDITION race (mixed gender).

No drop-bag. No aid station. 100 % self-support.
Maximum number of participants: 20

– It's not supposed to be easy! Bèrghem Ultra Trail.

Registration dates to GNT 2018 will be announced

Bèrghem Ultra Gláma "det bleikblå løp"

Distance: 565 km
Start: 2 Sept , 2019 (preliminary date)

Registration fee: To be decided.
Registration: Link will appear when ready.

This is a self support Ultra Marathon journey from Glåmos to Fredrikstad, alongside the longest river in Norway; Glomma, or in ancient Norwegian Gláma - “den bleikblå” (“the pale blue”).

565 km on roads and about 5000 meter ascent with a 6 days cut off. We will stick with our 2 classes concept; TEAM and EXTREME.

Individual stage race with joint start every morning.
You are allowed to have your own support team for food/drink refilling and drop bag with extra clothes, sleeping equipment and campsite gear.

Individual non-stop race, no support allowed.
You are on your own through the race. You must carry everything you need including sleeping bag and tent/tarp or a bivibag.

There are no aid stations but you may buy food and drink in any grocery store, kiosk or gas station you find on the route.

You may navigate with GPS or roadbook.

It is not allowed to cut off from the official route or to use other means of transport than your own feet. Any attempt to shorten the distance, as well as use of sports equipment or creative inventions for to speed up or make it easier, leads to disqualification.

You have to rest on camp sites you find on the route. You are not allowed to sleep in cars, caravans, hotels/motels etc.

It's not supposed to be easy!

GPX file: www.strava.com/routes/7192684

Glomma - Norway's longest river