Bèrghem Ultra Runners Club, Norway
Bèrghem Ultraløperklubb, Norge


Each lap was 550 meters long and had 31 meters elevation gain. Jarle Busterud (67)
Distance: 43 laps x 550 m = 23 650 m = 23,65 km
D+(total elevation gain): 1333 m

Fulvio Øksendal (42)
Distance: 45 laps x 550 m = 24 750 m = 24,75 km
D+(total elevation gain): 1395 m

Bèrghem Ultraløpetid 70K, 2017

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Bèrghem Ultra90 Harejakt, 90 km pursuit race (‘hare hunting’) and Bèrghem Ultra45, 45 km classic ultra trail race, 2016

Race date: Saturday August 6, 2016

GPX files:
45 km GPX
90 km GPX
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1st 90 km finished 20:36 (12:36 hours) Eirik Totland Pettersen - Best male and winner of free of charge participation in Bèrghem UltraRondane 400K 2017!
2nd 90 km finished 00:39 (16:39 hours) Øyunn Bygstad - Best female!

1st 45 km finished 14:22 (6:22 hours) Pål Thoresen - Best male!
2nd 45 km finished 14:51 (6:51 hours) Jørn Lyford
3rd 45 km finished 14:51 (6:51 hours) Giovanni Luatti
4th 45 km finished 15:23 (7:23 hours) Sten Dagfinn Hallås
5th 45 km finished 16:19 (8:19 hours) Tamas Farkas
6th 45 km finished 16:49 (8:49 hours) Ken Solheim
7th 45 km finished 18:46 (10:46 hours)Ragnhild Audestad - Best female!
8th 45 km finished 20:22 (12:22 hours)Tone Yvonne Killengreen
9th 45 km finished 20:23 (12:23 hours)Helen Roald

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Hytteplanken 2016 (for Norwegian participants only):
This race counts in "Hytteplanken", see information on Kondis.no


Bèrghem Ultra90 Harejakt:

1_Eric Flesch, f.1995, RBUAP, Luxembourg (DNS)
2_José Nicolas, f.1967, Canada (DNS)
3_Øyunn Bygstad, f.1984, Romerike Ultraløperklubb, Norway
4_Eirik Totland Pettersen, f.1983, Norway
Bèrghem Ultra45:
1_Ken Hansen Solheim, f.1977, Bèrghem Ultraløperklubb, Norway
2_Helen Roald, f.1957, Norway
3_Tone Yvonne Killengreen, f.1973, Romerike Ultraløperklubb ⁄ Ekebergjoggen, Norway
4_Tamas Farkas, f.1982, Norway
5_June Lium, f.1989, Norway (DNS)
6_Giovanni Luatti, f.1966, NAFUC, Switzerland
7_Roy Kristian Rolstad, f.1989, Norway (DNS)
8_Pål Thoresen, f.1970, Norway
9_Sten Dagfinn Hallås, f. 1959, Norway

GPS tracking

Bèrghem Ultraløpetid 2016
70 km

Race date: March 16, 2016

1. Kjetil Schonhowd, f. 1967, Lillehammer Skiklub 2. Leif Abrahamsen, f. 1969, Romerike Ultraløperklubb

Bèrghem Ultraløp 2015
90 km

Race date: Saturday August 22, 2015

Classic trail race. Six laps of 15 km each, 90 km in total. Ascent: 2196 m Start/finish: the Gåsbu hill, Hamar.

Competitors Bèrghem Ultraløp 2015

1. Arne Martinus Lindstad, f.1973, Romerike Ultraløperklubb, Norway THE WINNER OF OUR FIRST COMPETITION, EVER! 2. Jens Listrup, f.1965, IKEA Ringsaker, Norway (DNF) 3. Fulvio Øksendal, f.1975, Bèrghem Ultraløperklubb, Norway (DNF)