Gaea Norvegica Trail


D+ 8300m

400 KM | 5 days

100% Natur

The countdown is on to the next GNT400.

2020/08/03 08:00:00

The GNT400 is worth 6 UTMB points.

Gaea Norvegica Trail GNT400 logoITRA member logoThe Gaea Norvegica Trail is named after Gaea Norvegica, a combination of Greek and Latin words, which literally mean Norwegian earth and life, and reference the mythological being Gaea who gives life to all natural creatures on earth. The trail showcases the stunning beauty of Norwegian nature, as it follows the Oslo Rift geological formation from Oslo to Hamar city pier.

The Gaea Norvegica Trail is a multi-day, self-supported race, known as the longest and toughest ultra trail in Norway. The trail is 400 kilometres long and takes part over a 5-day consecutive period. It’s ITRA-certified. Are you brave enough to take on nature and see how you fare? Don’t dream about it, join us and find out. 😉

Gaea Norvegica Trail 2020

Join us in August 2020 for the Gaea Norvegica Trail special edition. We’re celebrating our flagship race with an extra 200 KM of fun and adventure. Details will be posted shortly.

Any questions, please feel welcome to contact us.